Join our Action Teams

Our Action Teams phone bank, postcard, and text to support our campaigns to reach out to underrepresented voters of color to support their voting rights and pursue legislation and community engagement to improve quality of life. Come join us!

Phone banking

One of the most effective ways you can reach voters is talking with them on the phone.


Join friends and other community members to let your neighbors know about the upcoming election and how they can participate in addition to voting.


So many people have cell phones; sending a text message is a fast and easy way to reach hundreds of voters in an hour.

Legislative Initiatives

Contact your state's legislators to impact their decisions on voting rights and equity legislation.

Use our tools to reach out to your U.S. Senators and Representative asking them to support voting rights, fairness and equity. When you enter your name and address, it will automatically select your Senators; you can then email, Tweet or call them.

For the People Act

For the People Act

Contact Sen. Warner and Sen. Kaine to vote in favor or reforming the filibuster and allow a simple majority to pass S1.

DC Statehood

Contact Sen. Warner and Sen. Kaine to vote in favor of making DC (Douglass Commonwealth) the 51st state.

Expand the Supreme Court

Sign the petition to pass the Judiciary Act of 2021 to expand the Court and protect our right to vote.